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Hi Lift Cureplex No.3 Sustainer 250ml


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Hi Lift

Home hair care recommended to preserve the effects of the Cureplex treatment.
This can be used several times a week at home.
Cureplex is your most powerful tool in salon. It will protect, strengthen and improve elasticity. Whether the hair is thermally or chemically over processed Cureplex will protect.Shampoo
Cureplex is delivered through any chemical service in salon such as hi lift tinting, bleaching, depositing, toning, colour removal, perming, chemical straightening etc.
It can also be delivered as a stand alone treatment for hair that’s damaged environmentally, thermally or chemically.
Cureplex will not interfere with the chemical service undertaken. No adjustment to the processing time or application time.
Great with hair extensions, results beyond your expectations. Never break hair again!

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